Flower Cookie Stores

You can now shop flower cookies at my favorite stores in New York!
Logo Earth & Me 
Earth & Me offers a full selection of zero-waste lifestyle products with a bulk essential refill station for your home and pantry. What I love: liquid citrus shampoo (discounted refills on certain days of the week!), Wildflower Soap Bar by Roote, and their selection of organic dried beans which I use to make fresh delicious hummus.
Earth & Me (Steinway) - 30-38 Steinway Street, Queens, New York 11103
Earth & Me (Ditmars) - 23-71 31st Street, Queens, New York 11105
Logo Fresh My Day Juice Bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn
99 Franklin St. Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Logo Babs Home & Pantry
Babs Home And Pantry (East Village) - 149 Avenue A, New York, NY
Babes Home And Pantry (Ditmars) - 19-23 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 
Logo Full Service Exotic Snack Boutique
Full Service Boutique @ Roosevelt Field Mall - Garden City, NY